Why am I different?

Lately this week, SC announced the reservations for transgender in every field stating that it is the basic spirit of Indian Constitution, every citizen should be bestowed with equal opportunities to spring him/her up, regardless of any caste, creed or gender. Additionally, all docs will now onward have a third category marked as “other”.

“If I’ll approach authorities then what I’ll be attracting is trouble for me and my family. I don’t want to file a case.” These were the vocalisations of 23-year-old gay person who went through the sexual assault by policemen. When police demanded the identification docs, they found him as a participant in the gay parade organised in December. Eventually, the consequences were him being beaten up & giving injuries over knees. All this happened in the wee hours of February 9, 2014.

Ever wondered what sensation would run through your veins when you look into the mirror and find yourself as an anomaly, especially when it comes to the Indian sub-continent. The feeling is indescribable, till you have gone through it. It is the rising of the sense of fear and discouragement, ending up with fading confidence to live like a normal being. As far as the term “I’m different” is concerned, somehow even if they manage to live a social life, however, the social eyes hovering over with suspicion cannot look away.

Well, welcome to the great India where porn-stars are easily acceptable and rape victims are totally boycotted. And to live a life as a transgender or homosexual here is not as easy as we assume. In our country, these people are always referred as a “taboo”, the people who are not formed for the society and who are not even meant to be in the society. But let us not forget that they are as natural as we are! They are also sculpted by same God as us. And most importantly they to have a heart which feels and they too are born with as many rights as we are! Everyone is born with a basic right to choose and explore their sexuality.

Nevertheless, how much we grow, thinking beyond the horizon is not something we are comfortable with. LGBT’s are still imposed by thoughts of modern orthodoxies, people who don’t feel good by the air of change. We the pseudo-modern people take pride in being part of the modern elite civil culture, still have not been able to impart immunity to this marginalised section to unfold their wings in our civilised society. We still can’t make them feel at ease through accepting them wholeheartedly. Treating someone different just because he/she is born a particular way is nothing less than racism.

Change is inevitable. The time has come; the utmost need has arrived to think limitless. It is us who can initiate this, ultimately leading to a better place to co-exist. Let us make this planet full of liveliness for everybody otherwise made to think as the unfortunate by the society. They are as normal as we are but society has made them feel as if they are trapped in wrong bodies. Let us demolish the traditional ideology which we presume to be the ideal. Let us broaden our vision to make this place full of unconditional love and gender-bias-free, especially when there is more than a million transgender in the country. Let us deviate them from the path of alienation. The vision is to accomplish a more liberal world where people have the rights to decide their sexuality and to face the truth of their own bodies. Or rather, a future where the sexuality is really fluid, multiple, and ever-changing energy of life.

Think and think. Still, will you be the same? Find inside, act outside!


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