5 Best places to visit in Kutch!

Privileged to have born and raised in the land of dry air and summer most of the year, we all are one of a kind. Shattered by the earthquake and rose like a Phoenix. The beaches, the desert and the mountains- I come from an arid region where water is worshipped and so are people.

Besides being the largest district in the India, it is that part of the country, which is bestowed with vast desert and never-ending coastline. Before the merger, it was one of the favourite parts of Britishers, the reason being the promising opportunities of wildlife hunting and leisure. But what sets Kutch different? The minimalist culture, the simplicity of lifestyle and the sweet dialect of its people! Click here to know Kutchi.


Also, the road trip from Ahmedabad to Bhuj is one of the hottest trend this season. Don’t get bewildered when you see a group of Harley bikers on your way to Kutch. Bikers from all over the country have been coming very frequently since the time being. All thanks to the advertisement by Gujarat Government

“Kutch nahi dekha, to kuch nahi dekha.”

Cutting it to the chase, here are the reason why can’t deny Kutch on the tourist map of India. Check it out!

1. Mandvi– Approx 50 km from the city of Bhuj, it is the town where Dabeli was born. Adorned with a ship building yard, amazing local food and public & private beaches, Mandvi is a wonderland! A day well spent in Mandvi must consist of lunch at Osho (a local food joint, check them here) and an afternoon spent at the beach. Morning can be spent visiting the Palace of Vijay Vilas. The Sunshine, the sand and the solitude- it is the perfect destination for solo travellers as well as family.



2. The White Desert– Coming into the limelight some years back, it is unstoppable ever since. The majestic endless carpet of fine salt grain embedded in the land is not only beautiful but an experience in itself. What not to miss is Sunset in the evening and if the time permits then you should stay back to see the desert under the moonlight! It is unforgettable! Get a bike and move- I promise roads are darn good and smooth. For White Desert Festival click here.



3. The Wild Ass Sanctuary– If you are a photographer then you can’t miss this one! Being the largest wildlife sanctuary in India, it is one of its kind. It has also made it to the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the major part of the sanctuary, you will find Wild Asses and variety of birds with almost 50 thousand nests in total. Gear up your DSLR and be ready to discover the barren flatland.



4. Bhujodi– It is indeed a small village of huts and weavers. Don’t be surprised as every next door neighbour is a National Award winner in textile. Yes, that’s true! With the weaver community settled over here, it is a one-stop destination for shopping. It is extremely famous for its woollen shawls and embroidery artefacts. Various range of embroidery and fabrics have made its way to some prominent Indian Fashion Shows.



5. Bhuj– The district capital has its own essence and vibes. Flamingos accompany this town at the lake in the heart of city every year. Street food delicacies are one thing you can’t miss at Bhuj. You can spend your day strolling around the lake and idling or you can visit Palaces and Museums. You can also opt for shopping in the narrow lanes of old cities. With culture and own eccentricity in the air, Bhuj has it all.



While travelling to Bhuj from Mandvi a couple of months back, a shopkeeper charged us less than the retail price. My friend asked him the reason and he said “2 rupees commission is sufficient for me to survive in a good manner. What else you need more than that?” Not only was this surprising but my friend was amazed at the thought that such people still exists. If you have such story to tell, please share! Such are the people in Kutch.


So, grab your window seat and set on the journey! Happy planning!


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