Do we need to Follow the rules?

Courtesy: HebruBrantley

A few days back I was having the conversation with my mother. We spoke on different topics and argued though never came to the conclusion. Anyways, here is what I gained at the end.

I realised that we are bound by everybody from every side. It sometimes makes us feel crippled to validate ourself to others. The expectation rises so much sometimes that nobody bothers to care what we want.

And that is the time when you should stop giving a damn and I did too. I think every one of us should learn the subtle art of not giving a fuck.

Just because you studied management for your graduation doesn’t mean that anybody can stop you from writing comic books. Or even if you pursued literature, it doesn’t mean you cannot start your own marketing company.

Remembering conversations from friends, I recall how weirdly wonderful my geek fellows used to feel when they see a girl coding. I somehow fail to understand every time. Though later I learned that girls aren’t supposed to code. Also, I read a tweet saying real men aren’t supposed to paint or dance. Who said that? Of all the painters I recall, many of them are men. People who get into medical school aren’t supposed to drop out.

These are some of the things that people I know have said but it doesn’t mean you can’t do all those things.

Apart from all this worthless material disposed of at our ears, there is one thing that I know for sure. Rules suck and they are dumb. Rules are defined by people who had clear agenda about their life and set path to follow. The rules are there to keep people on the track in a nice manner.

But do we need to follow them?

Well, life is meant to be creative. It’s meant to be lived the way one want. It’s an endless game of trial and error which is meant to be played and experimented with and enjoyed. Nevertheless, the rules state the opposite.

The rules want you to go to the primary school and learn to say YES and then move to the high school. Never say NO and then go to college and learn to say whatever you need to learn to get a job. Because rules say that you need that job so that you can buy a house. And spend next 50 years of your life to pay the debt on it.

The rules are a very fine weapon to keep everyone in line. A weapon to fear people. So that you prevent them from getting wild and really living. That’s just good enough, isn’t it?

If I had listened to the rules then maybe I would not have been the person I am today.

The good news is we don’t need to follow them either. They don’t have to define us. Let us set ourselves free. We can play the game our own way. And win or lose, that’s the better path, isn’t it?

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