Are you Struggling to Make Time for Solitude?

Courtesy: @tyler_spangler

How frequent is it that you take time out for yourself? To just sit in a serene place doing nothing but retrospecting and relishing the silence.

I am sure there might be few of us who can afford to indulge in this luxury on a regular basis. But most of us don’t! We are somehow just not wired to make time for solitude on the regular basis.

For few of us, it is too much of a luxury, since the battle of daily existence is no less than playing a survival game. Let alone thinking about spending an hour all by thyself.

Quite understandable. However, for many of us, the real reason is the fact that our brain justifies staying busy. All day long, we are enveloped by uncertainty which pushes us to do more, excise control over everything we do, to stuff as much as possible in the given time frame, to keep ourselves addicted to social media and other mind-numbing distractions.

The Drive of Busyness: Ambiguity, Doubtfulness, Confusion

Uncertainty is ingrained in each hour of our daily lives. We are confused about what we should do, how to do, who we are, whether are we good enough, how to handle the struggles, what to do about things going on and how to deal with the uncertainty of life. We often don’t acknowledge such thoughts but we all are dealing with uncertainty all day long.

To deal with such a void and the feeling of groundlessness of not having the control over our space, we often cling to things which are pleasant and distractions. Eventually, we procrastinate and let go of the priorities we should be focusing on. We always keep ourselves busy and messaging. Even if we get a little downtime, we end up fishing the phone out from our pocket, scrolling mindlessly over social apps.

To be honest, the idea of solitude seems extremely alluring to everyone of us. The thought of enjoying oneself and resolving the inner combats. BUT. When it comes to put it into practice, we cling to being busy entrapped in the world of uncertainty.

“I don’t have time for this.” “I am working on other important things.” “Just the last email, last video and the last episode.”

This is sad.

We must strongly acknowledge the fact that busyness and distractions are constantly draining us. In this era of hyper-connectedness, we are always using our energy. You recharge your devices during the night but how do you recharge yourself? You think it’s good for you to be always stimulated?

Imagine how would it feel to be disconnected from everything for a while? Away from TVs, reading books and all the devices? May be going out for a walk alone? Imagine how would it feel to be not productive and just connected to the nature?

We can definitely use some downtime to recharge ourselves from our environment. We can use some physical movement and cuddle the solitude to give our brain a chance to experience nothingness and nothing at all.

And to bring this thought into a reality, you’ll need some powers. Powers to not let uncertainty drive the chariot of your daily lives. You may like this uncertainty and you’ll definitely won’t be able to expel it completely, however, that doesn’t mean that it has to lead us.

To change your life, you don’t need to do any major makeovers. Micro-shifts like these will help you get the ball rolling. The first step is to create some space for solitude. You may find your mind trying to con you in behaving otherwise, but don’t give up. Go along with your rationalizations, urges, stress and everything else in-between.

Observe what happens when you create space for solitude. Tell me how did it go. 🙂

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