Life Lessons from the Great Gatsby

Courtesy: @sandhyaprabhat

One of the finest work of fiction by any American writer- The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This amazing piece of literary artistry is all about roaring twenties and the New York City, the place to be. Everything can be purchased and everything can be bought. But, can you make money erase your past?

It’s the roaring twenties and it is the time of over-indulgence. As far as your eyes can see, there are ostentatious display of wealth and lavish exhibition of decadency. Unapologetic decadency. But, does it ever stop?

In the meanwhile, more and more people are lured by the money and gives the birth to the American Dream. While transcending through the book, the characters not only share their past but also share their story.

The narrator Nick Carraway gives us a peep into the characters’ lives which is still relevant today. Here are the 5 lessons from the Great American Novel.

#1. Nick Carraway: We Need you More

“Whenever you feel like criticising anyone,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t has the advantages that you’ve had.”

Nick Carraway

Nick’s personality is into existed because of the words his father planted in his ears that has always been with him. This is evidently true and needs a deeper retrospection. Nick’s character exemplifies this. He is non-judgemental and watches people for who they are! Having said that, look for good in people. I think, the ability to observe and not jump to any conclusions is the highest form of intelligence.

#2. The Pursuit of Happiness

The American Dream, life, liberty and the pursuit of the happiness! We all are entitled to wildly pursue our dreams and find our passion. Afterall, to be happy is the ultimate goal, to use our life to pursue productive work and find the liberty to achieve joy. That’s all we really want and that’s all we really need. Believe in yourself and get started!

#3. Money Buys you Happiness?

This is indeed a bit subjective. Money is the central part of the Fitzgerald’s novel, but is that what really makes people happy? Daisy married Tom for money. She had all the pleasures but was constantly restless. The aftereffects of being in a abusive and cheating relationship. Is that happiness? Gatsby has the biggest house, huge parties, plenty of clothes and loads of money. Did that make him happy?

You won’t be able to seek happiness buying possessions. Investing in friends, family, and passion will reap you the benefits like you’ve never imagine. At the end, it is the people that we love and care about means the most.

To be content with little is possible. To be content with much is impossible.

#4. Our Past is Always the Part of the Present

Be it good or bad, your current state is the product of your past experiences. Gatsby’s whole life was changed because he met Daisy in the past. He fell in love and that’s when his whole life takes a turn. Our past has a tremendous effect on our lives. Some for the better, some for the worst.

#5. On Meeting Array of Different People

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.”

Nick Carraway

As you grow and move ahead in the life, you’ll come across an array of people. Some will be sad, some lonely and some tired. There are young and old, busy and the bored. Throughout the novel, Nick comes stumbles upon variety of people. Some searching for money. Some searching for love. Some searching for happiness. Each on is different, unique on its own, and with lots of lessons to learn.

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